Sara Schaefer

Sara Schaefer, Ph.D. is the Associate Director of Children's Health & Education Programs at the Foods for Health Institute (http://ffhi.ucdavis.edu/). She has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biology from the Program in International & Community Nutrition at UC Davis. Her research and teaching focuses on transdisciplinary, translational and participatory efforts that engage youth in managing their individual health and diets. She has a special interest in emerging technologies, virtual gaming and other interactive media tools that traverse socioeconomic, cultural and gender barriers to inspire children to be their 'own health clinicians.' Strategies emphasize infusing health and science curricula with personal data using Quantified Self-inspired self tracking, and creating novel ways of delivering personalized, actionable health feedback to youth. Dr. Schaefer formerly served two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras where she mobilized communities to confront challenges in child and maternal health, and she speaks fluent Spanish.